V-day Pet Peeves and tips

Before I start; I don’t hate Valentine’s Day. LOL. I felt the need to state that before I continued. I am a Writer to the core so being a helpless romantic kind of comes with the territory. I love happy endings even though life doesn’t truly pan out the way they do in the movies. I want the guy to get the girl and for him to be everything she’s ever dreamed of.

You’ll often hear me say, I’m not high maintenance but the longer you follow me on social media or this blog, you’ll probbbbably say, “Nai’lah, bullshit!”

 My standards are high—chivalry should not be dead. I want my guy to open doors, pull out my chair, address me with gentility but still be firm as a man. I am a little odd and by that; I mean completely crazy. Wait, wait—let me finish. LOL. Stop laughing.

So okay, yes, I’m the girl that takes 5 hours to get dressed and still end up being late when he arrives to pick me up. I hate to wait on guys so if I ever have to wait; I am the woman that will have the biggest attitude all night and if you ask I’ll tell you I’m not mad.  I want my guy to go all out despite me saying, “babe, I’m fine with whatever.” By “whatever”, I mean make some kind of fkn effort. Crazy, I know.

With that said however, understand this, I am not a big Valentine’s day type of girl. I don’t believe in a guy going all out for one day when the other 364 days he’s a piece of shit. Miss me with that bullshit, dude. Like fo’ real. I prefer if you picked ONE flawed characteristic and changed it for the entire year than to go all out for me for one day. Show me that I matter by making an effort that assures my happiness, every day! If that makes me high maintenance, then I guess I am.

If you’re a jerk 364 days of the year, then one day will not make or break us. #ValentinesDay #ImpulsiveExpressions Click To Tweet

I get really frustrated when ladies get upset at their guy because he didn’t buy the $100 roses delivered to their job. Does it matter what he’s doing for you in private, or must your love be put on showcase for the coworkers, Snap, the GRAM and Facebook? Don’t get me wrong, I love taking and posting photos but some women make it about what other people’s perception as opposed to their own.

But, hey, that’s none of my business. (sips tea then shimmies because I’m petty like that) Seriously, is it really that deep ladies? I want my guy to good to me because it’s Thursday. Treat me like the lady I am because it’s what you’re supposed to do. Am I expecting perfection 365 days of the year? No, but I need to know that you’re truly trying every day, not just the designated pagan’s day to celebrate love. I’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day ONLY, and I repeat only if you’re consistent throughout the year. If not, bruh, bye!

So, ladies, if he’s the, buy you roses just because, “baby, get dressed; I’m taking you out tonight” kind of guy, then cut him some slack. If not, is one day really going to make or break your relationship? Food for thought.

With that being said, if you are pressed on Valentine’s day and your guy has to celebrate the day or his life and happiness is at jeopardy, then I threw together a few pointers for you:

  1. Your guy might want to surprise you but ask him to give you an idea about where you’re headed. You don’t want to wear jeans if he’s taking you to a five-star restaurant. I think that’s so tacky.
  2. Ask your guy what he’s wearing—nothing irritates my soul more than a woman being slayed all the way to the gawds and her guy has on a t-shirt and raggedy jeans. Uh, sir, whet?! No, this is not cool. (I guess this makes me high maintenance, too.)
  3. I am a red lip type of girl, but red lips are not a prerequisite to Valentine’s day.
  4. Miss me with the matching of all red everything. Your outfit, accessories and lips are red. OMG, shoot me already! Granted, I don’t want you to wear black for the occasion but please switch it up.
  5. If you aren’t used to wearing makeup, please do not try a new look the night of the event. Not because it worked for your favorite youtuber means that it will work out in your favor.
  6. It’s almost as if this day is the day for the men to work on impressing their ladies but I challenge you to do something nice for your guy. Spend a few extra dollars on some sexy lingerie or add a little more spice in your bedroom.
  7. Give “A” for effort—if he’s made an effort to do something a little more special than normal, then give him credit because it’s due. Most men are retarded and haven’t the slightest clue with what to do where we’re concerned because face it, we are difficult to understand. Be kind to him today.

Most couples are having dinner, maybe a movie so don’t go for dramatic looks, a soft subtle look is ideal for this day. Here are some different makeup looks that are suitable for the occasion tomorrow night.

Let me know if these tips helped and please share your thoughts on Valentine’s Day in the comments below.

You know you’re cute” look-this is compiled with soft pinks and white tones with a natural contour.


He’s gotta wine and dine ya” look-comprises of white golds, browns, smoked out in the corners and underneath with a darker pink topped by a short red pixy wig.

He ain’t getting none” look-whites, soft pinks and neutral browns, topped off with this brown lip. If you’re natural, and you spent the last few hours throwing loose curls in your hair, you are NOT about to let him sweat it out. Boy, just look; you cannot touch! LOL. This is why I’m single.


Two glasses of wine and I’m all yours” look is filled with neutral browns but a hint of gold in the tear duct and of course topped off with a sexy ombre lip and a three day old braid out so you can give him some after all.


LOL! Y’all pray for me. Enjoy, luvs!! Hope these helped or at least gave you a good ole chuckle.

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