Rebuilding & Restarting

This is the piece of my life that I didn’t really plan for. I was in a toxic marriage but didn’t want to admit to myself. I grew weary of the sadness I saw in my face so I decided to start dabbling in makeup which helped mask my pain.

One day I decided to remove the mask and speak on my truth which led me here. You have to be be unapologetically you. Stop putting on facades for everyone and live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Your first step to moving on after a toxic partner is repairing the damage. 

The next step is finding something  your passionate about whether it’s your children, starting a new career, returning to school to get that degree, starting that business or write that novel. Your time is now!

I am a divorced , single-mom with a dream and I’m piecing my life together. Let me help you tap into the best version of you.

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