Rebuilding is like someone knocking over your legos after you’ve built the perfect house with the outdoor pool, and multicolored driveway, and you have to remember what you did in the past so you don’t make those mistakes again, and decide pieces you’re going to use or discard.

Here’s the thing, when it comes to this hustle i.e. motherhood, entrepreneurship and moving forward from this divorce; I’m 100% sure that I’ve gotten it figured out…I think. LOL.

When I first split up with my ex-husband there were so many different emotions I experienced.  The randomness of it all had me feeling like I was going insane,  do I really want to start over, who’s going to want me nowam I doing this parenting right, am I spending too much time on the business, am I doing enough with the kids–individually and collaboratively, am I a good mom?

STOP! If you’re here then please stop. The beauty in rebuilding is you get to tweak your lego-house and do something even more spectacular with it. I challenge you to focus on what’s ahead.

Rebuilding can be frustrating because you’re recreating your new normalcy so you’re uneasy about what’s ahead because it’s all different.  You’re in a serious stage of construction and your goals will change intermittently; I’m challenging you to pace yourself and stay on course.

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