Finding purpose

Lol. I’m laughing as I type because this piece is the most crucial but vulnerable of this site. You guys may soon realize that I’m just completely weird and crazy—eccentricity taken to another level.

In a nutshell, I’m a newly single-mom that’s trying to manage the adversity without losing her mind but nourishing her soul. “Okay what?” So, yea. For years I’ve battled with knowing where I stood or who I was. I recently left a toxic relationship that left me shattered so I’m redefining who I am and it’s an arduous process.

In no way am I a Jane of all trades but as an entrepreneur; we wear many hats. I am author, blogger, editor, life coach, web designer, makeup artist, photographer and videographer. Somehow in seeking to do it all, I realized that I’m just an artist that expresses herself through different forms.

Finding what makes you content takes time but in order to seek that contention; you will be challenged to step outside of your comfort zone.

It’s going to be ugly and painful in the beginning. I will push you past your limit but you have to be willing to explore. Trust me when I say, on the other side of that fear; is something amazing.

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