Playing catch up

Let me tell y’all about mom life in San Diego. My kids aren’t getting sick as often as they were when we were in Maryland because it doesn’t get nearly as cold. However, we still run into situations where trifflin’ parents send their sick children to school and inevitably; mine gets sick. If your children are anything like mine, they cough and contaminate you with the cooties they received while at recess. It doesn’t matter how much you sanitize your hands; your kids are going to get sick and you’re next!

Well, as always my kids get sick and it lasts a few hours to maybe a day or two. Oh, but when moms get sick; we’re down!

I was stuck in bed for 7 days.

Listen, it’s a conspiracy. Somehow, I feel it’s the universe’s way of telling me to slow down; I swear it’s the only time I get rest. SMH. So before you go judging me; I am a single mom so there’s no other adult in the house. This means that I have to continue to make breakfast, pack lunch, drop off, pick up, oh and assure that the other child in the house doesn’t catch the bug that won’t leave me alone.

Y’all know I’m stubborn. Unless I’ve delivered a baby; no, I was up and moving hours later. Okay, maybe if I had a kidney stone…humph, I actually drove myself to the hospital in the pain. Okay, okay, so unless my feet or hands are severed; I’m moving!

Fortunately for me my children are awesome. They get me sick but nurse me back to health. While stuck in bed trying to work, the headaches and congestion was too much so I had no choice but to “rest”. I kept looking into my office thinking, I’ve got blogs to write, videos to edit; what’s my catchup time going to look like?

Now, I’m going to ask a very imposing question, luckily, you can choose to share your response or keep it as food for thought. Have you ever made the wrong decision that completely changed your life? Maybe you didn’t finish up your degree or never graduated from high school; planned on attaining your GED when the time was right but the time never seemed to match up for you to make it happen.

So, you run into an old classmate and she looks good. Seems to have her life all figured out—great career, house, husband, children while you’ve never been married or owned a home and you’re at a dead end job that you hate.

You begin to compare and somehow the conversation you had with this classmate motivated you to finish your education, finally. You sign up for a class and on the first night back; you look at the mountain ahead.

You’re behind!

You don’t acknowledge that you made it back in the classroom after all these years. You focus on where you believe you should’ve been in life by now. Time is running out and after all those years of working hard for someone else, you have nothing to show for it.

You’re playing catchup with the you, you thought you should’ve been. Subconsciously you’re comparing yourself to that classmate as you walk down memory lane being reminded of the dreams you had back then but got pregnant at sixteen. You somehow managed to raise a loving kid that’s getting ready for college. You’re so focused on this race with yourself, the half empty glass you’re continuing to drink out of, you’re thirsty for a life you think you don’t have!

You had to give up your dreams so that you could provide for your child. Your success isn’t defined in materialistic possessions because in your mind, you don’t have anything.

You look at yourself, an elder in a youthful classroom feeling like you threw your life away. You can’t even see that you’re freakin’ awesome.

When we stop focusing on what we THOUGHT we should’ve had and the life we THOUGHT we wanted, we’ll see that things panned out just as it should’ve. This thing called life isn’t a race but I can guarantee that you are right where God needs you to be.

Stop complaining and stop trying to play catch up with some unrealistic idea and enjoy where you are and what you have. God’s plans are greater that you can ever imagine but you won’t ever be able to fully achieve his will if you’re constantly looking around mentally comparing where you are in the race.

I’m a divorced, single mom of two and I’m being guided by him every day. I’m starting over and at times it’s very uneasy but if he brought me this far; I  trust that he won’t let me fall.

I challenge you today to refrain from being pulled in by  social media. Stop comparing apples to oranges. You’re a diamond—created by pressure. Life has been filled with so many ups and downs and to this day; you don’t know how you made it this far. Change your mindset; you’re not behind. Don’t wait until it’s too late to say thank you to those that have helped you. Don’t wait until you can’t tell your children you love them and they helped mold you into the woman you are today.

Forget what other people think of you. What do you think about yourself? I’m impressed by what you’re doing so why aren’t you? Girl, you’ve got to toot your own horn sometimes! Hold your head up and strut. When you walk into the room, welcome the stares ‘cus you are the s*it!

Don’t wait to live; it’s never too late to start. Repeat after me, I’m not behind; I’m right where God needs me to be.

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