Hey girl! What’s up? My life has been hella busy over the last few months and I have not been watching football like I normally do for the season. When friends asked last week, “What are you doing for the Super bowl on Sunday?” it really threw me off. I had no idea who was playing until I decided to google it. I know. SMH. 2017’s Super bowl taught me a vital lesson: great men will fall as a result of overconfidence and complacency.

Great men will fall due to overconfidence and complacency. #Superbowl2017 #ImpulsiveExpressions Click To Tweet

Anyway, my snacks, wings and drinks were prepared and in place in front the idiot box as I awaited game night. As I stuffed my face, I smiled as the score read, 21-3 with Atlanta in the lead just before halftime, I was so ecstatic.

While the games are interesting to watch, the Halftime sure is even better. For the record, I’m not a member of the Beyhive (don’t kill me y’all) along with the rest of the world but I think Beyoncé is a great performer and business woman. I think it’s unfair to compare one artist to another butttt as I watched the Halftime show, I heard my inner voice singing, “Okay ladies, now let’s get in formation!” Lady Gaga bored me until mid-performance but that’s a discussion for another blog.

Game’s back on and apparently, Tom Brady reamed his defense in the locker room because the game went from an Atlanta blowout to a tie as the clock ran to its last second. It was now overtime. Okay, what? Yes! Y’all, I walked up to the screen to make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me. From shutting it all the way down during the first half, the Falcons weren’t able to as much as get a field goal after the third quarter. Despite the numbers on the board, the Patriots were hungry. When your need to win outweighs your current circumstance, your determination is fueled by a stronger energy that will not allow you to quit. By no way am I a Patriots fan or even worse a Tom Brady fan; however, you have to give credit where it’s due. As everyone (including me) rooted for the Falcons, we were shocked to see the Patriots pull through with a victory in overtime.  I asked myself, how?

Before the Falcons finished the game, they allowed their complacency to take control and weren’t trying as hard. You cannot quit or lose focus when you haven’t reached the end.

You cannot quit or lose focus when you haven’t reached the end. #Superbowl2017 #ImpulsiveExpressions Click To Tweet

Some of the players looked exhausted but this was the Super bowl, people! To play at the Super bowl is a prestige and honor that many will never share so your physical weariness shouldn’t affect you until the game is OVER but that’s none of my business, Falcons. (#Shimmies and sips tea.) You stop when your goal has been completed and not a moment before.

As entrepreneurs, we are toiling behind our visions and behind those visions are big and small goals. There’s no way, big goals can be achieved without little ones. My message to you today my luvs is to focus on your small goals and assemble a team that will not allow you to falter. While many are praising Brady for his calm and collective mannerisms throughout the game, he didn’t do it on his own. Just as it takes a village to raise children, ladies—it takes a team to build/maintain/grow a successful business.

Who are your teammates? Who’s helping you move towards your vision and assuring that you’re on track? I’ll delve more on building teams, accountability partners, and coaches later on but stay focused throughout and consider each minor accomplishment as it’s one step closer to your ultimate goal. Whatever you do, never get complacent. Complacency makes you comfortable and we all know that the comfort zone is not your friend. To grow you must step unto unknown grounds and stare fear dead in the face and move.  Sometimes you’re doing this without knowledge of where, what or how but you have to trust that intuition to guide you.

Listen to your inner voice because your business and art depends on it. Too many of us are scared to make that move or we’re consumed with the list of impossibilities that we allow that negative energy to blur the possibilities that may happen. Brady won the Super bowl because his team and coaches came together and strategized a plan. My question to you is, what’s yours?

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