Never quit!

Over the past two weeks we’ve been talking about leveling up and committing to our success. As an entrepreneur, I can’t tell how many times I think I’ve gotten it all figured out only to realize, I have to tweak that plan week after week.

There are days when I feel like I’m winning.

Then there are others where I feel like I’m constantly going in circles. I want to cry my eyeballs out but I have to schedule it for when I have time because while we’re trying to establish some stability with this business we’re expected to fully function in our roles as mom, wife/girlfriend, newly single/trying to date but feeling confused.

How many of you ladies are trying to finish up a degree you started five or ten years ago? You’re not respected at your job. You continue to see you male peers receiving promotions when they aren’t doing half of the work; you’re doing.

Listen up ladies, it’s Friday and while a margarita or a martini might do the job. I challenge you to make a fresh pot of coffee and sit down with your journal. Turn everything off and disconnect for 20-30 minutes. I want you to write down all the great things that happened this week.

Positives for the week

  1. My daughter received an honor roll award for the last quarter
  2. My son is kicking butt at basketball
  3. Felt pretty amazing this week
  4. I had a productive week

Too often, ladies, we forget about the process. Success doesn’t just happen. Doing it wrong has to happen first, repeatedly. Failure is when you decide not to get back up again. Considering all that you’ve been through, why should you quit now? Sometimes we’re right there and the breakthrough is but a step away but we give up.  I refuse to give up after making it this far.

We have to let go of what society deems as normal. Married with 2.5 kids by 30, great career, great friends, and your life is perfect! This ain’t the Young and the Restless, girl. Even your biggest celebs got drama in their lives which demonstrates that it’s not a rich or poor thing.

So what, you’re living check to check. So what, you’ve never been married. So what, you have two kids and you’re still single. So what you don’t have your degree.

Get rid of that mindset that tells you, you haven’t accomplished anything! Stop comparing yourself to your best friend or that colleague. Life is going to happen for you just as it’s supposed to. Some people are fortunate enough to have resources at their fingertips. If you’ve never had them, how dare you compare yourself?

The bigger question is, are you putting yourself in a position to be better?

If you know that you’re doing all in your power to be better then why are you sweating it? Girl, write that book, get that degree, start your business and walk with spunk. You’ve got charisma, you’ve got knowledge about the real world and surviving that no one can take from you.

Stop making excuses and get to it. The dream hasn’t died; it’s still in you. Stop hiding behind your insecurities or shortcomings and live the damn dream!

The dream hasn’t died; it’s still in you. Stop hiding behind your insecurities or shortcomings and live the damn dream! #DreamChaser #ImpulsiveExpressions #focused #bossbabes Click To Tweet

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