Makeup 101-8 tips for the beginner

I remember purchasing a makeup palette 4 years ago. Here’s the thing about the internet; you have access to any and everything so what might have been an impossible task now seemed at reach.

I would look at Pinterest and YouTube and find myself mesmerized by all the pretty colors and different glamorous looks. At a first glance I thought, this is easy. The first look I attempted was a smoky eye—I mean the base color was black—how difficult could this be?

Listen y’all, I looked like a raccoon that was jumped by every animal in the damn forest. What was worse is that I decided to try this look for a date—not a day before the date but on the day of the date. BAD MOVE!

It was catastrophic. I was cursing obscenities at the YouTuber that made this shit look doable. As I stood in front of the mirror looking at this palette of nudes and browns and the infamous Ruby Woo by Mac that I planned on rocking with the smoky eye, I cried. Wiped my face off and accepted the fact that I was not going to pull this off so I’d just slap on some mascara and rock this red lip. Another BAD MOVE!

As a lip gloss wearing type of gal, seeing color on my lips was scary. Picture it, I was going to be extra cute and that didn’t work out so accepted that. Then decided okay, I’ll just KILL this lip and that I did—killed it. It was an epic failure and in turn I looked like Bozo the clown with my red hair and HELLA bright red lip—lawd, I was done. Date, canceled.

With that being said, here are some tips that helped me and hopefully will help you on this makeup for beginner’s voyage.

8 TIPS for beginners:

  1. If you’re a mascara and lip gloss girl, like I used to be, try nude lip glosses before you try nude lipsticks. I’ve met clients that are like, I’d love to experiment with colors but I’m too dark or I’m too light. Listen, anyone can pull off anything! However, you have to gradually transition into colors so try nudes, then try soft pinks and move your way up the color chain.
  2. Purchase a heap load of makeup wipes because you will fk sh*t up in the beginning but that’s okay!
  3. Have an idea of what you want to achieve but understand that it may or may not turn out that way but rock it either way…unless it was like my first experience.
  4. Brows are a focal point on your face. Here’s the thing, when I first started, I practiced on blending eye shadows. My eyebrows are naturally thin so my eyes would be popping but the thin brows shattered the entire look. Ladies, you know how we say the bigger the better, well this does NOT apply when it comes to your brows! I cannot emphasize this more but if your eyebrows are taking up most of your forehead space then naw…just naw! It looks fake, draggish and naw! Just stop! Here’s a clip of my brow tutorial if you’re interested. In this tutorial, I demonstrated two techniques: applying with dip pomade and eyebrow pencil, you can also use eye shadow. If you need an updated tutorial, comment below.
  5. Purchase a decent brush set—I would probably have to go into more details on this but whatever you purchase; you need a KILLER blending brush. Do some research on brushes. I purchased my first set from Amazon, then I tried Elf brushes then transitioned into the more expensive ones.
  6. Purchase an eye shadow palette that provides an array of basic colors—nudes, soft oranges, pinks, etc. because you need to practice “regular” looks before stomping with the big dogs.
  7. Understand the blending technique—the technique behind blending is simple, blend until your wrist feels like it’s about to fall off. Seriously! I’ll teach you about transition colors, and what not later but blend, blend, blend.
  8. Have fun. With practice, you’ll get it right eventually. Some ladies say to me, Nai’lah can you show me how to do that in 15 minutes—I’m pressed for time. It’s definitely possible but not in the beginning.

Here’s the difference between a 15-minute look back then compared to my 15-minute look, now.

I hope these tips helped you and if you’re interested in me walking you through my techniques, or if you’d like some ideas on what colors would look dope with different outfits or events; hit me up in the comment section. Regardless of what you decide to rock, remember that makeup only enhances the beauty you already have. Stay gorgeous, luvs!

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