I am an expert at starting over!

You may have seen the quote floating around on social media but I’ll repeat in the event that you haven’t:

I am allowed to be both a work in progress and help others grow at the same time. I refuse to wait until I believe I am perfect or someone else deemed me worthy of impacting others. I am unapologetically accepting life of massive growth and improvement.

~ Unknown

I am no expert in divorces, relationships or life! I am, however, an expert at starting over. I left everything I knew in Maryland after my divorce and restarted a new life with my children in San Diego. Don’t let anyone tell you what you’re capable of doing. My dad said to me, leave the kids…get settled there then come back for them. I couldn’t! If I was going to take this leap of faith, they were coming with me. Fear was not going to debilitate me! 

People are going to talk so let them while I help you repurpose your life!


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