Haters on the royal wedding

Let’s talk about this #RoyalWedding. Many of my sisters are feeding into the bitter black women stereotype. Before I go into this rant and it’s somewhat a rant out of frustration from this past weekend; I need you to keep in mind that PR is not my thing—keeping up with the who’s who, and who’s dating whom—frankly, I don’t care.

Uh huh, I’m about to go all the way in on a Monday morning.

Prince Harry’s sexy, bearded British a$$ was wedded this past Saturday and apparently it was super memorable. Prior to the wedding, there’s been drama about his soon to be wife, Meghan Markle and her step sister who wasn’t invited and she’s been spilling all sorts of family drama to TMZ.

I still haven’t watched because I’m a single mom that’s already burning the candle on both ends.  Sitting in front the tube to catch something that was aired at 3AM (PST) on a Saturday? Um, no. Sorry—just no! There were fans that were wholly there for it; I’m totally not knocking anyone. It’s just not my thing. I don’t watch award shows but if there’s buzz around someone’s performance or acceptance speech; I’ll catch a replay. I know the Beyhive will think I’m loco but even when Beyoncé killed it at #Beychella; I was LOVING the representation of black excellence but I couldn’t sit there knowing I had a lot to do.


Photo cred: Cosmopolitan

Anyway, back to the Royal wedding, as I finally plugged in late Saturday, I noticed all these photos and videos across my feed. Meghan looked classic, elegant, and timeless—I especially loved how naturally happy they appeared—smiling and staring at one another lovingly; super adorbs! I was taken aback when I noticed some truly negative comments about how boring she looked. The comments were horrendous so I decided to vent a little on Facebook only to be greeted with some friends defending their opinions.

Something common amongst the comments were that here dress was ugly, her makeup was too boring, she didn’t even pin up her hair and some others that attacked her style as she should’ve done more especially for a sista.


Was she supposed to walk down the aisle in a sequins dress with a glittered cut-crease and a popping lip color? All black women aren’t the same! I feel like that must be said. She wasn’t marrying a rapper; she was marrying a prince for crying out loud. What was she supposed to wear? Can we celebrate that a black woman (mixed, but black nonetheless) is now royalty? Can we buy into natural beauty instead of boxed and unnatural eyebrows and mink lashes? I’m not being a hypocrite because I will put on some falsies in a HOT SECOND because I’m a makeup artist that loves versatility, however, this was her wedding, twenty or thirty years from now, this look that Meghan pulled off will stand the test of time.

Some friends on Facebook were totally missing the point. It wasn’t the fact that some voiced their opinions on an “ugly dress” some people were attacking her and turned it into a cultural issue—she should’ve done more because she’s a black woman. She was compared to Kate Middleton (the Princess’s sister-in-law); y’all apples and oranges.

What most people missed was the way they adored one another because that’s what marriage is about.  I would wear a potato sack, if I’d be guaranteed to have a strong marriage—I mean, no I really wouldn’t, but I’d go plain Jane for a dope marriage any day. Too many of us are focused on one day, when you should be worried about the entirety of the union.

Not sure what her fashion sense was for the wedding, her mother looked elegant, she walked down the aisle alone —that in itself is a bold feminist statement, I mean—pay attention to the pinnacle moments. Let’s not take away at something amazing in history for women!

Now, this is an extreme situation but some of us are so busy looking for negativity; it’s impossible to see any positivities. Don’t be so bitter that you resent other people’s happiness. I am divorced! Is that something I celebrate? I’m not happy that I am divorced but I am happy that I chose my happiness over the facade of what people assume I had. However, not because I’m divorced means that I don’t want my friends to win in their relationships.

For those throwing all sorts of shade on Meghan Markle for her wedding day, hope you can be as understanding if/when it’s done to you on your big day.

What’s your take? Did you care what she wore? What stood out most?


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