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Risk (/risk/) noun— a situation involving exposure to danger.

Too often do we allow other people’s limitations to hinder movement but in doing so we create a greater risk that stagnates possibilities. What is life without risks? We cannot always afford to be cognizant of what’s to come.

We all take subconscious and conscious risks; one in particular is—love. Have you ever loved someone and lost? After the initial pain, you probably vowed to never allow yourself to be that vulnerable, again.  But if you’re growing from the hurt; you’ll admit that there was a lesson from that experience. When it comes to affairs of the heart, we tend to be guarded because we don’t want to repeat painful patterns. However, to truly feel love again, you have to allow yourself to be so vulnerable; it’s as if you’re loving for the first time. The same theory applies to your passion.

In my last blog, Complain, less. Act, more as the title suggests, I implored readers to be mindful of their words. This applies to everything in life because thoughts materialize into actions which in turn manifest into things. The life that you’re living right now continues to be that way as a result of your mindset. If you’re complaining about not having enough money, then you’ll continue having a scarcity of finances.

Sometimes you find yourself in this mind frame where you start believing that anything is possible and you begin investing emotionally and financially into something you’re passionate about. If you’ve been following me and my blog for a while you’ll know that I’m an advocate of what’s involved to create art because while you have to devote so much time and energy; we can agree that the rewards aren’t always evident.

To continue to believe in something that doesn’t seem to reap benefits; takes dedication. I’ve been writing since I was 9 and have fallen in and out of love with my art over the years—as a result of the thoughts I allowed others to portray onto me! I allowed them to distract me from my dreams which decreased my effort toward overall goals.

As an Artist, it’s one thing you’ll come to learn, everyone won’t understand or support your dream but you’ll also realize that it’s not for them to. Google anyone in your niche, Tyler Perry, J.K. Rowling, Shonda Rhimes, Lee Daniels—each individual went against the grain to chase after something they believed in. You cannot stifle your success by allowing others to set your pace and you cannot be successful if you’re expecting immediate results. This is a painful journey and sometimes you will have spurts where you want to give up.

It’s not easy but I challenge you today, ignore noise (internally and externally) that may try to discourage you. Give power to feel good moments—if you’re struggling with your book, don’t put energy into the frustrations; instead put energy into thinking about when it’s finished, visualize it on the shelves at the book stores and the cool people that you’ll meet when they ask you to autograph their copy.

Sometimes we don’t have that support system and the toughest part for me on this journey was accepting that the people that were supposed to be there; were the ones creating my obstacles. I was busy trying to convince them that I was great, that I’d be successful and how I would be able to take care of them once I was.

Here’s some harsh rule’s you’ll have to adopt on this journey:

  1. Hang it up. Stop convincing others to see your greatness and stop allowing them to kill your good vibes. If they don’t see it, then tough s*it. Accept them as they are and put that energy that will help you reach your goals.
  2. Set different expectations. The thing that has carried me for the last decade is that, I’ve altered my expectation from naysayers who at times come cloaked as friends or family. Once I realized they were disbelievers, I knew that I had to change my dealings with them. I expect them to hate, discourage, belittle, attempt to deter; I expect them to be two-faced—smile when things are looking up but disappear when I need help.
  3. Don’t share your dreams with little people. Everyone doesn’t have that dream big mentality. Not because you have such a limited scope for your life means that I should adopt the same. Because I know where you are mentally, I won’t open up to about my goals. You will simply have to watch in the stands with everyone else. When you ask how things are, my response will be vague and generic as if I didn’t correctly hear your question. You could ask me, How’s the book? I’ll respond, The kids are doing well and growing like weeds!  Followed by a smile and a pep in my step because I will keep it moving!
  4. My dream is a child I’ve birthed. When it comes to my kids I’m very protective so I’m not letting you within arm’s length of my dream. If you aren’t uplifting me; I’ll be damned if I’ll let you overpower me with your negative bulls*it!

As the great saying goes, many are called but only a few are chosen. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals that will encourage, inspire but mostly, challenge. “Don’t wake up twenty years from now to ask, “what if…?”

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Good luck!

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