Coffee Addict

Addiction (n) \ə-ˈdik-shən\ -a strong and harmful need to regularly have something.

We often draw reference to drugs, sex, gambling and so on when the word addiction is mentioned. By definition it is when there is a powerful urge for something. Powerful being the key word. I’m here to confess my weakest or rather strongest addiction to coffee.

Now, before I delve into the indulgence of what seems to be the next thing closest to an orgasm (yea I said it); for the record I am a low maintenance, counting the pennies type of working mom. I knew I had a problem when I could barely function without coffee so each morning I would drive to the 7-11 to acquire a French vanilla cappuccino. I thought this espresso was everything until I decided to see what the rave was about at Starbucks.

I always thought it was overpriced and overrated. I went to NY a few months ago and needed coffee. My mom had a Starbucks gift card so figured I’d use it; she hates coffee. Anyone that knows me understands that I am very indecisive. It takes me 15-20 minutes to make a selection for places I visit regularly.

I was immediately lured by an enticing description of the drink and decided to feed my curiosity.

2 medium Caramel Brulee Frappuccino’s, please.” (one was for my little sister.)

Grande?” the barista corrects me followed by, “A Frappuccino?”

Yes…” with a half ass smile on my face because it took me this long to pick and now you’re questioning my selection.

Are you sure you don’t mean latte?” (I hate when you ask for something and the person tending to you wants to give their two cents. I know it’s winter time, bitch! Give me what the fk I asked for.)

Positive…” my face couldn’t form a smile that early. I am not a morning person and I give zero fks when my day doesn’t start with coffee.

As she handed it over, I immediately took a photo of it. (yea, I’m a foodie but I digress) I took one sip and needed a moment to realize what just transpired. It was as if I was hit with an intensified moment of ecstasy accompanied by a jolt energy. I let the taste linger on my tongue and waited for the sensation to digest in my mind. Took another sip to have the same reaction.

I literally skipped to the car as I waved past other patrons and bid them a pleasant good morning. You’d think I was in The Wizard of Oz, trotting down the yellow brick road with Toto and the gang. Yes, my grumpy ass took two sips and it birthed a new life in me.

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NY was about 3 hours away, I consumed 5 cups just on the road trip ALONE.

Large French vanilla @ 7-eleven …………..$1.97

Grande Caramel Brulee Frappuccino @ Starbucks…………….$5.14

In the beginning, I thought, this is good but there is NO way on earth I would pay that kind of money for some coffee. NO WAY! Once in a blue moon I can treat myself maybe but not every day.

Well, folks I can tell you that no matter how cold it is outdoors, I’m drinking this day in, day out when it’s in season. It is truly heaven in a cup. I am NOT ladylike when it comes to consuming it to the very last drop. I mix the whip cream (which I normally hate!!!) with the remnants of coffee and ice then scrape the perimeter of the cup with the straw to get the melted caramel chips that are left behind and suck it until there isn’t a drop left for manners. (whoa, that can be taken out of context) Anyway, I cannot function if I don’t have this drink. It is a requirement at the beginning of my day. Some start the day off with a shower, others read positive affirmations, my day doesn’t TRULY get started until I have a sip of this. The struggle is REAL y’all! The first step is admitting you have a problem.


“Hi, I’m addicted to the Caramel Brulee Frappuccino and

I will continue to allow Starbucks to pimp me for $5.14 daily. ”




  1. Girl you are not alone!! I try to limit myself to a couple times a week instead of every day but sometimes le struggle is R E A L. It didn’t don on me how much I was spending until I realized how frequently I was eligible for a free drink….every 125 starts. You get 12 stars for every dollar spent. I’m ashamed 🙊🙈

    1. LOL! Girl, I came to the harsh realization of what I was spending at starbucks per week last year; I was so embarrassed. Yes, you can make your own but I swear, Starbucks has an ounce of crack or PCP or some narcotic that makes their drinks amazing! LOL!!!! I do have a secret that I’ll share within the next few weeks…I’ve learned to make VERY similar drinks at a fraction of the cost. Stay tuned and thanks for the comment.

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