Change is uncomfortable

Um, yea, so it’s like 2:03AM on Tuesday—and I so missed my posting this blog by Monday goal. The past couple weeks have been super crazy. My weekends have been consumed with different client and networking gigs after the next—a problem that most entrepreneurs would welcome so I’m not complaining.

The universe has definitely been pulling me out of my comfort zone and I love it. Too often we fall into a place where we’re comfortable and don’t want to step into new realms to experience something different.  One thing that I love  most about being an artist is experiencing new—whether it’s feelings or projects or the feelings I get from starting new projects. Too often though, we are pulled in so many different directions that we get side tracked like s*it and end up with a million incomplete projects. Most of you are like, no, I start and finish my projects. Get the fk out of here!!! LOL. Okay, okay—let me ask you—how many incomplete projects are you working on right now? If you said, just two, or just three…but “just” was the driving force then shut the hell up. HAHAH.

I’m a place in my life—art life and life in general where I’m welcoming change. I’m requiring change because I’m at an evolving phase. As an artist, your passion is what drives you to create but there must come a point where your art becomes bigger than you.

As an artist, your passion is what drives you to create but there must come a point where your art becomes bigger than you. #ArtLife #Creatives #ImpulsiveExpressions Click To Tweet

You find yourself doing the necessary despite the cost. Most people haven’t and won’t ever make it to this point because they stop when they get uncomfortable. I’m here to tell you to keep going because there’s magic awaiting but you need to inject serious self-control.

The universe has been tugging at me to create some pretty dope projects and have surrounded me with the people that I need in order to be successful. In other words, I can’t use the excuse about, not having that support. I participated in a web series a few weekends ago and it was exhilarating—I realized at that moment how much I’ve grown. Normally, when we’re faced with new s*it; we tend to shy away from it but I jumped in head first—hella excited about the final product.

I remember when I first launched my blog 6 years ago, I didn’t know what to expect and I was the driving force behind the material. Now, I see how my art and passion has taken over. People ask me how I do it, and the best answer is, I give my art the respect it deserves but like a child, I have to set parameters with reason.

I give my art the respect it deserves but like a child, I have to set parameters with reason. #Amwriting #ImpulsiveExpressions #Creatives Click To Tweet

If I continue to go in every direction that my art pulls me towards, I will never finish anything.

It’s so funny, in the midst of me writing this, a friend messages me about his battle with depression.  Here’s the thing with Artists, it is our obligation to feed our art. It’s not always going to be easy or pretty. Sometimes you want to fk*n give up but why? Sometimes you won’t have the willpower to get up—you want to stay in that state of negativity: I don’t have anyone, I’m alone, this is hard, no one understands. Boo! I just thumbs downed you! Fk that pity party.

If being an artist were easy, then every fk*n body would do it! This #ArtGang life ain’t for the weak…hell even the strong ones question ourselves.

If being an artist were easy, then every fk*n body would do it! This #ArtGang life ain’t for the weak…hell even the strong ones question ourselves. #ImpulsiveExpressions Click To Tweet

Don’t think for a second that I don’t have my moments. Don’t think for a second that I haven’t thought of giving up but why give into those thoughts when I’ve made it this far? Hell naw! I want to see what’s ahead.

It’s funny; I was watching, The Secret, and one of the speakers shared a profound message. He said, when you’re driving at night on a road with no street lights, you’re relying heavily on your headlights which only shows about 20 feet ahead. So, what do you do? You’re cautious because you can only see a short distance in front of you. You don’t drive too fast.  You’re moving but you’re looking around for anything that may potentially be hazardous. The point is, you don’t need to see the entire road! We’re so spoiled, we want to see the bumps coming so we can avoid or prepare for them. However, those bumps and bruises, have made you into the amazing individual you are today. We say we trust in a higher power—whatever that might be—but we’re steady looking for that cushion because we’re terrified of falling. Sometimes you have to fall!

My son used to be so motivated to draw—I remember him drawing two or three pieces daily then it became one or two then eventually one every couple of weeks. I try not to be too hard on him because, he is still a kid but I challenge him to push himself out of that comfort zone. He gets mad at me at times but I give zero fks; what’s important is his end result.

I shared that to say, you’re not alone. Being a mom of two artists, thus the #ArtGang title (a name given to me by a friend;) it’s challenging to motivate myself but harder to assure that I’m doing all that I can to encourage them to dream. Because guess what, kids watch what you do; not what you say.

When treading new grounds, and you’re faced with this defeated attitude I challenge you to do the following:

  1. Take an inventory of all that is good in your life.
    • Write it down, verbalize it then feel it! I’m grateful to have the drive to fight against all my odds. My children are safe, happy and healthy. I remember when my ends couldn’t meet and I was literally all alone…” When you take into account where you were, and compare it to where you are, you will be grateful!
  2. Stop complaining, yo!
    • Who the fk is that helping? When you complain, you’re telling the universe to continue to send you everything that you’re complaining about—law of attraction.
  3. Don’t beat yourself up.
    • We’re all guilty of this. When you realize that you’re doing this, stop!
  4. Be kind to yourself.
    • You may not practice your art as much as you want/need to but do not beat yourself up because of it. Life happens so we cannot plan/prepare for it all.
  5. Accept the turn that your life has made.
    • I’m not asking you to pretend the big a*s elephant isn’t in the room. Acknowledge the change but come up with a plan to execute. “OMG, I was supposed to finish this book three years ago and it’s still not done.” So, instead, acknowledge where you are but create an action plan to commit yourself to move forward. “This book isn’t finished. I will commit myself to write a chapter a month and give myself a deadline of 12/31 to complete.” Set an automatic reminder to check on your progress.
  6. Change your frequency.
    • I’ve been reading books on the law of attraction and it’s super powerful. When you find yourself giving into negative vibes, you have to change the frequency. Let me ask you something, when your husband, girlfriend, wife tells you, “babe, you look good today.” How do you feel? Good, right? When he or she says, “I’m so tired of this relationship. We’re always arguing.” How’s that make you feel? You want to choke the b*tch, right?! It just puts you in a bad place. So why feed negative frequencies when it’s just as easy to feed positive ones?
  7. Trust that the universe will guide you.
    • This is the most difficult—if you feed negativity into the universe then you’ll reap negativity. If you feed positivity, (even when you don’t see it coming to fruition immediately), it’s reaping positivity. We don’t realize how much we control what occurs in our life.
  8. Remind yourself of your ‘why’.  Why did you embark on this journey? What continues to motivate you to see this to the finish line? I have photos of my kids on my phone, in my journals, laptop… this is a quick visual to keep me grounded whenever I think about quitting.

Last week’s blog was centered around the same principles, Stop bitching and move that fk*n mountain! Take a read and let’s do better and control what our future looks like.

Let me know if these tips help. Have a great week!




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