I went through my biggest bout of depression in 2016 and I needed something to keep me grounded. I was distracted by trying to hold onto a toxicity that I was familiar with. God gave me signs but I wanted what I wanted and ended up learning the hard way.

While they were always my focal factor; I needed to my children to truly be my anchor. No matter how dark things got/get (still an ongoing journey) I push for them. What keeps you grounded? Family, a best friend that lives pretty far away, are you some mathematical genius or have some super dope career?

You’re in a place where you’re rebuilding and creating new normalcy for you (and your kids if you’re a mom) but this timeframe is also going to be ugly and painful. Like me, we get complacent in things as they are; despite how dreadful they become.

Now is your time to repurpose your life and focus on what makes you content; you will be challenged to step outside of your comfort zone. I will push you past your limit but you have to be willing to explore. Trust me when I say, on the other side of that fear; is something amazing.