About me


“Fear gives us a misconception that we are incapable, unworthy and unequipped.”

-Nai’lah Carter

Fear gives us a misconception that we are incapable, unworthy and unequipped. ~ Nai'lah Carter #ImpulsiveExpressions Click To Tweet

Sometimes we stay in toxic relationships because we’re so terrified of the unknown. We know we’re not living at our fullest potential because we’re broken we don’t know where to begin.

Well, that’s what I’m here for. I want to teach you how to repair and rebuild from the inside. Right now, you’re probably waking up every morning, dreading that 9-to-5 that you hate. You’re settling for mediocrity because you think you cannot do any better.

Before we can progress we have to move the mental deterrents—those mountains that you think you cannot climb, those voices embedded in your head that tells you, “you will never…”, or “you can’t be…”, or my favorite, “you will never…”.

You scroll through your social media feed and admire others as they toil and persevere after something they’re passionate about but when it comes to your dream; you see the impossibilities of it being a reality.  You’re either fearful that you’ll FAIL or worse, scared of your own SUCCESS.

The sad truth is, most often; you’re your own deterrent!

At 9, I started writing in a diary. I remember having the biggest imagination. I’d sneak off with a blank page and my thoughts just dreaming of a better life.  I was ostracized by those that were supposed to love me and didn’t quite fit in anywhere but within the pages of my journal. Seeking validation and self-identity in a world that didn’t want me; I was lost.

By college, my insecurities kept me from moving forward and each failed relationship reminded me of why I’d never be good enough.

Graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.A. Degree in English—Creative Writing and didn’t even attend the graduation ceremony. I’ve been blogging since 2011, facilitated a myriad of workshops since my undergraduate studies, and has freelanced as a Makeup-Artist (MUA) since 2014 but most importantly; I’m a mother.

I stopped making excuses and found solutions. I stopped complaining about where I’d been and embraced the lessons despite the pain. Truth of the matter is, you won’t see YOUR greatness until you are comfortable being who you are. Stop comparing yourself to others because no one’s struggle is the same.

It took me YEARS to realize that I am great and powerful beyond measure. Let me help you see how dope you are!