You want growth but fear change

Uncomfortable zone: Feel it. Live it. Grow through it

At the beginning of the year I am humored by the new year’s resolutions. People think: new year, new me. What half of these individuals realize is that you don’t have to wait for the beginning of the year to establish change or routine; your ‘new you’ can change, today!

Let’s go down this list of resolutions/expectations you had for yourself this year. Said you were going to leave ole boy that refuses to commit to you and your children but every time you’ve got an itch; you call him to scratch as if he’ll magically get aligned with your goals and marry you. Said you’d start your business with your taxes, got ‘em back and brought purses instead. Now that we’re 6 months in the year and you’re wondering why things haven’t changed, why you’re still living check to check, and goals have not been updated, edited, let alone, checked off.

So obviously you understand the importance of speaking positivity into your life but you’re not cognizant that faith without work is dead! Do you wake up and magically attain a degree, do you half step and find yourself in an amazing career? Yes, pay attention to your words because our words and thoughts empower or hinder us. However, it is critical to take into account the domino effect of the minor things that ultimately affect the overall picture.

If living from paycheck to paycheck works for you then, by all means. However, if you want better then you must do better. You must put in the work, sis! Stop making excuses and get your life together.

You’re either going to make the sacrifices for your future or in the future. Decide now, whether going to be in th same predicament 6 months from now. You pick!

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Here’s a few tips to help get you on track:


  • Don’t feel pressured to catch up. There’s probably a slight chance that you can achieve all these goals but why put all that pressure on yourself?! So you may knock out all your goals but end up getting severely sick because you’re #TeamNoSleep and your body was like, nope!
  • Make realistic goals—break it down by the month then week and lastly byday.
  • Set aside time daily to achieve your goals.
  • Sometimes you may have had a long day. Be kind to your body. Maybe you can’t push for the 2-hours you set aside, then do it for 1 hour.

Only you can make this happen. Right now, tell me 3 goals you’d like to achieve by the end of 2018? But tell me how you’re going to alter your schedule to make it all possible.


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  1. Another great post! I have 3 goals and right now I’ve hit 2 of the 3. Weight loss/fitness and expanding my network in my profession. The last one is to complete my PhD this year… But I haven’t committed my schedule to help me do that as much as I’d like (but thanks for reminding me that I need to do that).

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