Life Behind the Artist

Lol. I’m laughing as I type because this piece is the most crucial but vulnerable of this site. You guys may soon realize that I’m just completely weird and crazy—eccentricity taken to another level.

In a nutshell, I’m a newly single mom that’s trying to manage the adversity without losing my mind but nourishing my soul. “Okay what?” So, yea. The life of as an artist is a story to be continued because there’s no guarantee and ultimately no end. Once we’ve found balance with our art, we challenge ourselves by stepping it up a notch, setting new goals and dreaming bigger dreams. It’s always transforming thus impermanent.

Here, I am trying to stand on my own in single motherhood while managing friendships, late night writing sessions, early morning photoshoots and consultations, being about that natural hair life that everybody BUT naturals know is a job within itself, somehow earn a living with my 9-to-5er and let’s not talk about dating—all as moving parts. WTF was I thinking?

So… um, that page is here. Forewarning and disclaimer: don’t judge me; I told you I was crazy, already.