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Hey guys, before I get into this blog post, I want to give a shout out to all the amazing and I mean AMAZING subscribers. Nonstop my phone has been chirping with notifications that readers are subscribing to my blog; I cannot tell you all how much I appreciate the love. Have you ever driven a car manually? Ugh, it’s so dope! I learned to drive on a stick shift. Well, my life changed gears.

I checked my numbers out earlier and it motivated the heck out of me to get my s*it together. I have been keeping a secret from you all; well, not intentionally. I have been too burned out to do anything outside of mommy duties.

Guess what? So, if you’ve been following my stories on Instagram,Facebookor Twitter, then you should be aware of my journey to San Diego. I left Maryland to come to California in search of my dreams and I’ve been on the entrepreneurial grind ever since. Well, a part of stepping out on faith included leaving a career and company that provided stability for my children and I over the past eleven years and change.

In order to be in alignment with God, you have to tune your frequency to a level where you only see what he shows you and not believe in what your eyes show you. God told me to jump and I had no clear guideline of what to do from there however, he gave me spiritual reassurance that it was going to be okay. For the first few months the focus was getting the kids situated with school and helping them become acclimated with the new environment.

I’ve had quite a few propositions that seemed promising but all seemed to put me in a position where I would have to decide between my dream and someone else’s—making an initial financial contribution, and working towards that, hoping that it would pay off. Things with my business were slow and at a standstill at some point. I needed more to maintain the lifestyle my children and I were used to.

I started job hunting because I needed to figure a way to fuel the dream without all that pressure being on my shoulders—keep in mind I’m a single mom so if I don’t figure it out; well, do the math.

While Will Smithin Pursuit of Happynesswas poignant and filled with lows only to see true triumph at the end; I couldn’t allow that to happen for us. I’d never been in a position where I couldn’t take care of my kids. The thought alone had me praying harder and trusting in Him. My savings were quickly diminishing as we were approaching, the one-year anniversary since we’d been in San Diego.

As I worked on my book, something said, a financial blessing was approaching. I received a few phone calls that week: one interview in particular, something felt different: after two phone interviews, I was finally asked to come into the office for a 2-hour interview with the Directors and VPs; they vetted the s*it out of me, y’all.

Keep in mind that my bank account didn’t hit zero but we were going to have to eat oodles and noodles pretty soon; California is expensive.

I put my game face on for the 2-hour interview; it was my time to shine and I did. I walked into each interview (as each was separate) with confidence. Days went by and let me tell you; there’s nothing worse than the wait but I busied myself with writing. Days later, I received a call asking to meet up for a late lunch.

Maybe this is how they roll in San Diego; I’ve heard they do things differently on the west coast. LOL. Something in my heart told me I had the job in the bag so I made room in my schedule that afternoon and on my way there received an email informing me that the CEO would be joining us. #DaFuq

Before I started panicking, I told myself, to whom much is given; much is required.

Lunch went WELL; I tapped into that social butterfly that I sometimes can be and drew them into me like moth to a flame. They offered me the job!

Now, let me explain why I’m celebrating; the starving artist lifestyle doesn’t necessarily equate to be one of prowess when you have kids. As a mother, it’s important to me to provide stability, shelter, food and love however, chasing my dream shouldn’t mean that these necessities should be sacrificed. I knew whatever the burden; I was willing to carry it, if that’s what He asked of me but was hoping that I didn’t have to tough it out, more.

While I played it cool on the outside, on the inside I was like:

I left comfort to seek something that provided peace to my soul. While this job is merely a conduit to the dream, it was/is the blessing I needed. I worked for a utility company in Maryland so rain, snow, sleet, hail or sunshine; I had to be there. Now, I was in a place where I had less responsibilities, regular hours, and making considerably more. I shared the details for that story to say, if God has placed something on your heart, you have to move when he says. Time is of the essence; before I left Maryland, I remember saying, I’ll move after I find a job and God laughed. No matter how uncertain the future is, be sure that God will see you through it and he would bring you through in a way you cannot fathom.

I’m rearranging a few things but I ask you to bare with me as I adjust to my new schedule and maneuver through the changes. One word of advice:

Go after your dreams; it’s pretty dope on the other side of that fear!

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