Commit to success!


This week we are commiting to success!

I ask you to wipe your slate clean of everything that tells you; you can’t, shouldn’t, won’t and sow into, the “cans”, “shoulds”, “wills”. “I can have a successful relationship,” “I should seek an agent for my book,” “I will be happy.”

We’re giving way too much energy into negative feelings because it’s easy. It’s easier to sit on the couch after a long day at work. What’s funny is that, you’re too tired to work on your dream but you can binge watch your favorite show for hours at a time. By the time you look up, it’s midnight and you haven’t done anything productive. Seems like excuses to me.

I’m that friend that never sugar coats the truth. You don’t always seek that friend for advice because 9 out of 10 times, you know they’d call you out on our s*it.

Here’s the run down.

You dislike or hate working for someone.

Acquired a degree that you haven’t figured how to apply it to your day job.

You’re living check to check.

You have so many ideas but can’t narrow down on one.

So…you focus on none.

Girl, please cut the crap! Nothing will change if you’re constantly doing the same thing. You’re expectation of a different result is insanely preposterous.

I dare you to challenge yourself. I’m going to share 2 key things that helped me refuel my dream 8 years ago.

  1. Set aside 1 hour to dedicate to your gift.

On your commute home, consider what you’re going to work on. By doing so, it allows the universe to channel into your creative space. This prevents you sitting in front your computer for an hour thinking, okay what now. If you’re commute is at least a half hour—by the time you plug in, you’ve been teased enough and you’re ready to climax.

Now, in order for you to be truly successful at step one, this must be done the moment you get home! Don’t turn the TV on, don’t call your girlfriend, don’t call your man, don’t…I REPEAT…DO NOT get on social media. That is the biggest distraction, ever!

Make yourself a cup of coffee, or tea and work on that book, album, podcast, play; whatever’s your passion.

You will get into a habit of doing this and you’ll soon start seeing progress and eventually a product. We want our dream to be created as an entire cake but you cannot bake it without ingredients, and the right technique or utensils. Consider working on your dream 1 hour a day for an entire week; that’s 7 hours in ONE WEEK! Do you know what you could do in a week? A LOT!

  1. You need a trusted companion to hold a mirror to you!

You can call this person your accountability partner, confidant/best friend, spouse, sister, brother but this individual will understand your purpose and be able to speak to your goals but most importantly will call you out on your shit!  Something about answering to someone and continuously hearing yourself making another excuse as to why you missed another deadline, three times in a row, is pretty pathetic. I think I’ve gotten things done just so I could report out to my accountability partner that, this action item is completed.

It would be awesome if your accountability partner is also a fellow artist because hearing/seeing action items being checked off his/her list, is motivating af! It subconsciously pushes you to do better for yourself.

Look, you cannot do it alone. Commit to your success with a sound plan to win! If you’ve got a great team—i.e. accountability partner and you, then you’re in for a treat. I challenge you to connect with someone to help you progress.

How are you going to commit to your dream today?  When venturing into our dreams, we all want to know that we’ve got someone that believes in us MORE than we do. When selecting your accountability partner I ask, who can you trust with your dreams? The question you need to ask is, “you got me?!”

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