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It’s been one heck of a weekend—Saturday I took the kids to Smithsonian in D.C. then Sunday I worked on this collaboration with another blogger in V.A. then ran around Takoma Park and Temple Hills with clients so I was beat by the time I picked the kids back up and got home. With that said, my apologies for the late post. It will officially be Tuesday by the time I hit, publish. LOL.

While I had another post that needed a few edits, I decided to address something that moved me more. Y’all know that being an artist means the world to me. Sometimes the journey feels so arduous and lonely. Rarely you find someone that can relate to the insanity of it all. Even after you’ve found one; you’re somewhat still in disbelief that he/she is real.

Being an artist means the world to me but sometimes the journey feels so arduous and lonely.… Click To Tweet

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I watched the highlights from the Oscars and felt an increased feeling of fearlessness as a woman. While looking astonishing in her custom scarlet Armani Privé dress, the  talented Viola Davis delivered a moving and inspiring speech that brought me to tears. Not that it takes much, anyway. Y’all know deep down inside I’m really a softy. LOL.

As she began, Denzel Washington looked on with adoration and respect because these wins aren’t wins just for the individuals, but for us. A great number of African American actors and actresses have been in the industry for decades, playing riveting characters and bringing them to life in ways unfathomable, but sadly only recently, 2002 was the first win for people of color, Washington Denzel and Halle Berry for best actor and best actress. Truth of the matter is, no matter how good they were, they were never good enough in comparison to their counterparts.

The actress’ performance in Fences, earned her a nomination for the third time. Her first two nominations were for her stellar performance in “Doubt” and “The Help” but lost to Meryl Streep (an undoubtedly great actress). As a result, there was no guarantee about this year’s outcome.

She is the first black actor to receive an Oscar, Tony and Emmy Award. Despite the losses, her tenacity, kept her persevering. In her acceptance speech, she said, “There’s one place that all the people with the greatest potential are gathered — and that’s the graveyard,” through tears she continued to thank her parents for being the “…people that taught me good or bad, how to fail…how to lose.”

As a mother and creative, I always talk to my children about success and what it means to win but not until this moment did I realize that I haven’t exhausted much time to discuss and prepare them for failures. It takes true tenacity to continue to push forward despite the barriers deterring you and the stumbles you will make along the way. It is critical to teach our children and to constantly remind ourselves, that failure is a part of the process.

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No matter how painful the failure or loss might be, we have to learn how to pick up the pieces and fight as if it’s our first battle, grind like our life depends on it, pave it forward to create a legacy worth telling.

Davis’ last words, truly hit home for me as she struggled through tears to say, ‘I became an artist, and thank God I did, because we are the only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life.’ She is black, beautiful, courageous, remarkable, confident, and inspirational. She makes me proud to be a woman, and one of color!

No matter how I’ve tried to run from my kismet, it called me until I finally decided to listen and act on it. I try explaining to others that my purpose is greater than my passion and if I wanted to; I couldn’t quit. So, to the artist that’s feeling demotivated, deterred and dissatisfied with where you are; please understand that the journey will lead you to true bliss and fulfillment. However, you have to finish to the end to reap the rewards. Every time you fall, I challenge you to get you’re a*s up and toil because your art cannot survive without you to tell its story!

Every time you fall, I challenge you to get you’re a*s up and toil because your art cannot survive… Click To Tweet

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